Some good news! The Guttmacher Institute just released their abortion data from 2013-4.  The number of abortions fell below one million for the first time in 2013 (958,700), and dropped again in 2014 (926,200).  The last time they were this low was in 1975, just a couple of years after Roe. 

The abortion rate has also continued to decline from 29 p/1000 women (aged 15-44) in 1980, to 14.6 p/1000 women in 2014.  This is the lowest it has been since 1973.

While there are many factors that contribute to this decline (better contraception practices, pro-life legislation making it more difficult to obtain an abortion), one of them is most certainly the pro-life message of equal protection for all human beings.  We have a lot more work to do to make abortion a matter for the history books, but I’ll rejoice over each step along the way.

Check out my friend Danzil Monk’s post regarding the Kim Burrell controversy.

A biologically normal person who experiences transgender feelings is not the opposite gender trapped in the wrong body, but a person who is experiencing mental and emotional confusion (I’ve written some on gender issues here and here).  They need therapy, not gender reassignment surgery.  But what about a person who was born genetically male (Y chromosome), but with malformed or ambiguous genitalia?

There have been many cases where doctors and parents made the decision to surgically alter their genitals to appear female and then raise the child as a girl.  But the child is a male, biologically, and the male hormones make them feel and act like a boy despite being told they are a girl and raised as a girl.  Later in life, they discover their past.  Now, as an adult, though they look like a girl, they want to be what they feel like and truly are: a man.  They want to dress as a man and act like a man, and even undergo surgery to physically alter their genitals to look like a man again.


The effect of same-sex parenting on child development is a highly politicized research topic. Various studies have come to different conclusions. Most studies suffer from sampling bias, too few participants, etc. (see “A Review and Critique of Research on Same-Sex Parenting and Adoption” for an analysis on every study related to same-sex parenting).

The most objective study to-date comes from the National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the U.S. Center for Disease Control.  They collect a range of data on civilian households each year. Out of a sample of nearly 1.6 million people, they found a random and representative sampling of 512 children from same-sex parenting homes.  When compared to children raised by married parents of the opposite sex, they were found to have a significantly higher rate of emotional problems and developmental disabilities.  (more…)

Mark Langedijk was an alcoholic.  He battled his addiction for eight years.  The battle was so difficult for him that he decided he would rather die.  And in the Netherlands – where the logic of euthanasia has run its course – he found a doctor who would make him dead.  And why not?  He was suffering.  It doesn’t matter that his suffering did not involve physical pain or that he was not terminally ill.  All that matters is that he was experiencing suffering and wanted relief.  Euthanasia knows no limits.

And last year, a person suffering from mental illness due to sex abuse as a child was also euthanized.  Euthanasia is an easy way to throw broken people away rather than treat them.  It is abandonment.  These people need our care, not a lethal injection.

nickI applaud Nick Cannon for having the guts to state the obvious: Planned Parenthood is responsible for “real genocide” in the black community, and is a form of “modern eugenics.”  Indeed, more black Americans die from abortion than from anything else.  The abortion rate for black women is three times higher than that of white women.  Black lives truly matter, and that includes in the womb.  And if the Black Lives Matter movement truly believed black lives matter, they would become pro-life because nothing has done more to desecrate the black population than abortion.

voting-hitlerVoting for a pro-abortion candidate?  How is that different from a German voting for Hitler?  Let me explain.

When it comes to voting, our primary concern as Christians should be that we elect a candidate to government office who will fulfill God’s purpose for government.  And what is that purpose?  Justice: rewarding good and punishing evil (Rom 13:1-4).  While it’s true that no government, political party, or political candidate fulfills this purpose perfectly, it’s also true that they don’t fail at it equally.  Some political parties and candidates do more to promote justice and punish evil than others.  Our moral obligation is to cast our vote for the party/candidate we have reason to believe will bring about the greatest amount of good possible.


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