I’ve been researching and writing on the history of the Textus Receptus recently.  There is a data point that I can’t seem to pinpoint.  I’m hoping some of you might be able to help me find the answer.

Erasmus produced five editions of his Greek NT.  Stephanus used Erasmus’ text to create four more editions.  But what edition of Erasmus’ text did Stephanus use?  I don’t see this being addressed much in the literature, and when it is, I am getting conflicting info.  Some say he used Erasmus’ 3rd edition, while others say he used Erasmus’ 4th and 5th editions.  I’m thinking that perhaps Stephanus used Erasmus’ 3rd edition for his own first edition, but then switched course and used Erasmus’ 4th and 5th editions as the basis for his (Stephanus’) 1550 edition.

One thing I’m having trouble understanding is how the mistakes Erasmus introduced into the last six verses of Revelation have made their way into the modern Textus Receptus if Stephanus used Erasmus’ 4th and 5th editions since Erasmus fixed most of those mistakes in his 4th edition.

Is there anybody who has a lot of knowledge about the history of the TR who can help me out on these questions?