double-standardElizabeth at the Life Training Institute blog writes of the double standard in the media regarding abortion.  When later-term abortion doctor George Tiller was murdered by a pro-life man a few months ago, it was a media frenzy.  Everybody was talking about it, and speculating that this may be an intimation of where the pro-life movement is heading. 

Last Friday, when a 63 year old pro-life activist, Jim Pouillon, was killed by a pro-choicer in Michigan because he didn’t like the man’s pro-life sign (which had a baby on it with the words “life”), crickets could be heard chirping in the major media.  No one was suggesting that this is an intimation of the future of the pro-choice movement. 

I don’t doubt for a moment that the major media published the daylights out of the George Tiller murder because they knew it would tarnish the pro-life cause, but are mum on the pro-lifer’s murder because that would tarnish their own cause.  I guess news is whatever they say it is!