In December of last year I blogged on how a federal district court judge in South Dakota slapped a preliminary injunction on a law passed by the legislature in 2005 that required abortion doctors to inform mothers seeking an abortion that abortions “terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.” Why? Because “unlike the truthful, non-misleading medical and legal information doctors were required to disclose, the South Dakota statute requires abortion doctors to enunciate the state’s viewpoint on an unsettled medical, philosophical, theological and scientific issue — that is, whether a fetus is a human being.” I decried the display of common ignorance by a federal judge on the matter of when a distinct human life begins.

Now it’s New Jersey’s turn. A woman sued a doctor for not telling her the baby she was about to abort was a human being. He told her it was “only blood.” She claims that had she known it was a human being she would not have aborted it, and would have avoided the emotional trauma the abortion caused her.

The case went all the way to New Jersey’s Supreme Court. They ruled that a doctor has no responsibility to tell a woman that the unborn is a distinct human being. Why? Because nobody knows when life begins. Common ignorance strikes again. If we can’t trust supreme court justices to get basic biology right, what can we trust them with?