I am going to make a prediction. Within the next five years the term “straight” will come under fire from the PC (political correctness) police. There will be a public campaign to ban the use of this word from the public square, and replace it with the more technical word: heterosexual. Why? Two reasons. Since “straight” carries with it the connotation of being right and good–and it is being used in contradistinction to someone who is gay–it implies that homosexuality is not right and good. If heterosexuals are straight, then homosexuals must be crooked. One is good, one is bad. It will be argued that the word implies the moral superiority of heterosexuality over homosexuality, and that is bad! (Of course it will go unnoticed that this is a claim of moral superiority of those who use “homosexual-heterosexual” language over those who use “straight-gay” language.)

Secondly, by forcing us to use the heterosexual/homosexual language in reference to people’s sexual proclivities, the distinction between the two becomes blurry (which is what the gay community wants). Why? Because when the two words sound similar, it de-emphasizes the difference in referents. I would contend that on a psychological level people tend to think of the two as more similar when similarly sounding language is used to describe each. Contrasting homosexuality to heterosexuality does not evoke nearly the difference in feeling as does contrasting gay to straight.

We’ll see if my prediction comes true. I have until October 2011 before you can stone me for being a false prophet!