If I was paid $1 for every time I have heard or read a homosexual advocate complaining that they are being denied human rights, or treated inhumanely, I would be a millionaire. Homosexual advocate, Andrew Sullivan, is just the latest example of this. Recently on the Steven Colbert show Sullivan said of the Republicans, “They’ll have to start treating us like humans.” Argh!


One of the things that tires me most about public debate is how superficial and deceptive it has become. Most everything comes in short soundbites rather than more substantive discourses and dialogues, and sound reason has been supplanted by spin and rhetoric. That is what Sullivan offered us: rhetoric. No one in this country is treating homosexuals inhumanely, and he knows it. To even suggest that they are belittles the very meaning of inhumane. No government forbids homosexuals to engage in their homosexual acts. Verbal assaults on homosexuals are rare, and physical assaults are even rarer. By and large our society has accepted the fact that gays are here to stay, but they don’t want it flaunted in their face, and they don’t want gays trying to pretend as if their relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships by granting them the status of “marriage.” Refusing to grant same-sex couples the right to marry is hardly inhumane. It might be argued that it is unjust, unfair, or something similar, but inhumane it is not. If homosexuals want to advance a serious debate on the issue they need to transcend such empty and false rhetoric. Otherwise there is no reason to take them seriously.