Where have I been? From bombarding you with posts to absolute silence for three weeks! Well, a lot has been going on, not the least of which is pictured below.

Yes, that’s right…my wife is pregnant. She’s 14 weeks along now, and has been having a really difficult pregnancy. The little squirt has given her morning, noon, night, and all night sickness. She’s been on mandatory bedrest for five weeks and doing a lot of this:

I have been taking care of my wife, which hasn’t left much time for blogging…or much of anything intellectual for that matter. The only thing I have been studying is what might help morning sickness, what stroller is the best, what crib I want to buy, etc.

I’ve also been interviewing for a new job (which has been offered to me) and looking into a new place to live. So other than a new baby, a new job, and a new home, my life is pretty much the same!! I hope to respond to the comments on the last string next week, and then resume with some new posts whenever I find a little time.