Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Check out this really good piece on the evolution exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in New York. It is a scanned copy of an article appearing in Crisis Magazine. It is a fairly quick read that shows why more and more scientists doubt the Darwinian orthodoxy, and even quotes them on it. Excellent read.


Check out this story over at the Discovery Institute. Eric Pianka, recipient of the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist award (awarded by the Texas Academy of Science), gave a 45 minute lecture at the ceremony in which he advocated for the extermination of 90% of the world’s population by airborne Ebola. Why? Because humans are “no better than bacteria” and we’re depleting the Earth’s resources. What’s most shocking is the enthusiastic applause he received from the audience following the lecture. Unbelievable, and unbelievably scary!


My mind goes back to the Holocaust. Contrary to popular thought, the Holocaust was not the work of one man. The medical doctors and scientists were enthusiastically involved and willing participants in Hitler’s vision. The German intelligencia bought into the vision before Hitler ever came to power. The scientists and doctors who participated in the experimentation and murder of millions saw their deeds as therapeutic. They were cleansing the world of an infectious disease: the handicapped, the elderly, and the Jews.


Whenever science and medicine begin to see death as a good thing we are in trouble! That’s exactly where we are heading in America. Doctors have long been involved in killing the unborn. We even have doctors involved in the killing of the terminally ill and the severely handicapped. We’re told it is merciful. Scientists want to create human embryos for purposes of experimentation—experimentation that requires the killing of the embryo. And now we have a distinguished scientist who is advocating the death of 90% of the world’s population, and he gets a resounding applause from the scientists in attendance??!?!!?!!! These are scary times we’re living in!

Melinda Penner of Stand to Reason had some interesting things to say regarding illegal immigration on Monday’s blog:


One of the prominent justifications for allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S. really troubles me for human rights and justice reasons.


That argument is that Americans won’t do the jobs illegal immigrants fill. But that’s an incomplete sentence: People with legal status in the U.S. won’t do these jobs, for the most part, at the wages that illegal immigrants do them. Illegal immigrants fill these jobs at below-market wages precisely because of their illegal status in the U.S., usually working outside of the labor laws. Like it or not, illegal immigrants fill an economic need to keep our overall costs to consumers down because higher costs could hurt our economy.


So essentially the justification is that we will import a permanent underclass to fill an economic us, coexisting in our society without ever fully assimilating with little or no hope of upward mobility because they are not legal. This justification seems less about immigration that means participation in the U.S. and more about a bottom-level working-poor class to serve an economic utility.


This justification is very different from the history of immigrants in our country who filled low-skill labor jobs, but who participated fully in the U.S., assimilated, and improved their socio-economic position. They not only filled an economic utility, but were primarily participants in the country because they were legal. Low-scale jobs provided a jumping off point for their advancement in our society; but illegal status prevents that kind of progress and hope that immigration has always represented in the U.S.

This sounds like it boils down to using a group of people for economic gain. I think it’s a despicable justification. In addition to the legal and security problems of illegal immigration, there is a serious moral problem of allowing a permanent underclass of human being for their economic utility. American immigration should not be about using people; it should be about welcoming them to fully participate legally in our country.