Back in September 2005 CA enacted legislation that will ban pop (soda for all of you in the West) in CA schools beginning in July 2006. Margo Wootan, the nutritional policy director for the DC-based Center for Science in the Public Interest commented on this legislation saying, “The money from soda contracts comes out of children’s and parents’ pockets. Coke, Pepsi, and other junk-food marketers enjoy being in schools because they know it is one of the only places they can target kids without parental interference.”


Serge over at Life Training Institute picked up on the issue of parental control Ms. Wootan capitalized on. While a child cannot choose what to drink in school because such a choice may circumvent parental control, that same child can choose to leave the school campus to have an abortion without parental notification and that is acceptable. So much for choice! It’s ok to hide an abortion from your parents, but not a Coke!


To show the stupidity of these policies Serge created a mock conversation between a student and her school counselor:


14 year old Student: My boyfriend and I have been having sex and I’m late for my period. Do you know where I can get a pregnancy test?


Counselor: Here is the location if the nearest Planned Parenthood. Although I would never dare comment on your personal decision to engage in sex, they can help you with your options.


14 year old Student: I’m not sure when I can get to the clinic.


Counselor: That won’t be a problem. In fact you can go during the time you would otherwise be in class.


14 year old Student: If I am pregnant, can I get an abortion?


Counselor: Sure, you can even have it done during the school day.


Student: Is there any way my parents can find out?


Counselor: Not from us – we cannot tell them where you are even if they call when you are at the clinic.


Student: Wow. I’m so nervous talking about this that my throat is dry. Is there anywhere that I can buy a Coke for the trip to the clinic?


Counselor: A Coke! Don’t you know what kind of effect drinking a Coke can have on your health and future well being! You are just a child and clearly not responsible enough to make that decision! In fact, because your parents cannot control what you drink while you are here we have banned the sale of all pop from the school campus. You should be more careful with your behavior and what you choose to drink!