Mark Allen of Life Training Institute had an interesting blog entry today about a case being dubbed “Roe vs. Wade for Men.” Mark wrote:

Here is an interesting article about a lawsuit filed earlier this month by a group called National Center for
The director of NCM, Mel Freit filed the suit on behalf of 25 year old Matt Dubay in Federal District Court in Michigan. The gist of the lawsuit is that Dubay should not pay to support a child he neither intended to conceive nor wanted to have. At first the argument seems patently absurd, why should men have a right to
insist on a woman having an abortion? 

As the article points out, there is logic in the position being taken by NCM, a logic driven, by of all things, feminism. After all, if the choice of having a child should be the woman’s and the woman’s alone. Shouldn’t the woman, and the woman alone bear the responsibility of that choice? As a feminist attorney put it:

Feminist attorney Karen DeCrow, a former president of the National Organization for Women, has written that “autonomous women making independent decisions about their lives should not expect men to finance their choice.”


Interesting argument.